Summer Campmeeting Audio Sermons


Summer Campmeeting 2023

Biblical Holiness - Pastor Andrew Ray
What to Do When You Hit a Wall - Pastor Danny Farley
How to Miss the Will of God - Pastor Danny Farley
Close the Gap - Pastor Andrew Ray
Making All Things New - Pastor Danny Farley
Fight the Good Fight - Pastor Brandon Lake
Question & Answer Session #1 - Pastor Danny Farley
A Good Christian Testimony - Pastor Brandon Lake
When Hurt Comes - Pastor Andrew Ray
The Chariots of Amminadib - Pastor Danny Farley
Question & Answer Session #2 - Pastor Andrew Ray & Pastor Brandon Lake
I Just Want to Please the Lord - Pastor Brandon Lake
Seducing Spirits - Pastor Andrew Ray
The World Is Getting Worse - What Are You Going to Do About It? - Pastor Andrew Ray
Is Your Life a Question Mark or a Period? - Pastor Brandon Lake

Summer Campmeeting 2019

Paul's Ministry - Pastor Tim Fellure
The Superiority Of Christianity - Evangelist Sam Gipp
Meaning In Life - Pastor Tim Fellure
Preaching In The Valley Of Vision - Pastor Joel Logan
A Servant's Heart - Pastor Joel Logan
The Coming Judgement - Evangelist Sam Gipp
God's Plan For Your Life - Pastor Joel Logan
Lessons Through Failure - Pastor Tim Fellure
The Invisible Man - Evangelist Sam Gipp
Nine Questions Answered By Three Preachers
Hannah's Burden - Pastor Tim Fellure
Read The Bible - Evangelist Sam Gipp
How Is Your Relationship With God? - Pastor Tim Fellure
Three Disadvantages Of This Age - Evangelist Sam Gipp

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