Teen Lightnng 2017
Past Randy Taylor Jr.

Prove What Is That Good,  And Acceptable, And Perfect Will Of God.

How Well Do You Know God?

Be The One

A Lose, Lose Situation

What To Do In The In Between Years - Pt 1

What To Do In The In Between Years - Pt 2

Can You Burn?


He Went A Little Further

Teen Lightning 2016
Pastor Joel Logan

Bringing Your Children To Jesus

I Will

For Such A Time As This


Wise Choices For The Future

Standing For The Lord

Higher Standard

The Strength of Love

The Shepherd God Gave Your Church

Teen Lightning 2015
Pastor Joel Logan

Making A Difference In Someone's Life

Walls In Your Life


The Danger Of Delay

Listen To God's Leading

Divide And Conquer

You Fall The Direction You Lean

The Cross

A Picture Of Hope

Teen Lightning 2014
Pastor Joel Logan

Lord Let My Child Live

Finding A Mate

Are You Persuaded?

A Trophy of Satan, or a Trophy of Grace

Play Skillfully

Standing Strong

Raised In The House Of God

Spirit Filled Families

Helped Them Much

Teen Lightning 2013
Messages by Evangelist Mark McGaughey

You're Either a Phebe or a Dweebie

Dull of Hearing

The Sin of Envy

Is It Real?

Doest Thou Well to be Angry Jonah?

Somebody is Gonna Have to Fill His Shoes

The Grace of God is the Strength of God

Bethel or El-Bethel?

Teen Lightning 2012
Messages by Pastor Kurt Skelly

Break The Box

How To Be A Valuable Vessel

The Signs of a Spiritual Famine

There Is Yet One Man

Finding Significance

When You Mess Up, Fess Up

The Road To Lying To The Father

Spring Revival 2012
Messages by Evangelist Jacob Giesbrecht

How God Treats His Children

The Imagination

Teen Lightning 2011
Messages by Pastor Jay Reed

Why I'm A Fundamental Independent Baptist.

What Is Required of Thee?

Are You Wheat or a Tare?

To Walk In All His Ways.

The Everlasting Way.

Ways of Judgement.

There Shall Be A Day.

How To Get People To The House of God.
(Sunday A.M.)

(Sunday P.M.)

Teen Lightning 2010
Messages by Pastor Jay Reed

How Did It Happen On My Watch ?

10 Stupid Things Teenagers Do
To Mess Up Their Lives - Part 1

10 Stupid Things Teenagers Do
To Mess Up Their Lives - Part 2

10 Stupid Things Teenagers Do
To Mess Up Their Lives - Part 3

10 Stupid Things Teenagers Do
To Mess Up Their Lives - Part 4

God Will Speak So That We Will Hear

Are We Endeavoring?

Have You Touched Him?
(Sunday a.m.)

Three Secrets of Lousy Leadership
(Sunday p.m.)

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Teen Lightning 2009
Messages by Evangelist Jason Kendrick

From Moab to Boaz        download        listen

Purpose Not to Defile Thyself
        download        listen

The Toughest Thing on Earth
        download        listen

Finding the Will of God for Your Life
        download        listen

The World's Music
        download        listen

When Judgement Falls
        download        listen

Boys' Session        
download        listen

Thank God For The Faithful
(Sunday a.m.)        download        listen

Listening For The Voice of God
(Sunday p.m.)        download        listen